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Javier 11 years old...

I saw a young man transformed today. I'd met him two weeks earlier. He was shy, hopeless and removed. He did not leave his home because he did not have a wheelchair that his mother could transport.

Everything changed today when he saw the donated wheelchair I'd brought especially for him from our warehouse.

It fit Javier perfect, this wheelchair was waiting for him. It was the only one in the warehouse chair sized perfectly for him that didn't need repairs, it was ready to go!

Delivered 2 Wheelchairs today...

Wheels of Mercy delivered a wheelchair to Marla, (a diabetic, single below the knee amputee) who was unable to leave her home after the frame of her wheelchair had collapsed making it inoperable. The next day after receiving her call I went to our warehouse and was able to locate what seemed to be a custom fit chair just waiting for Marla to call hers, it was perfect. Marla told me she liked it better than the chair she had before.

The Gift of Mobility


On Christmas Eve Nancy Smith from Independent Life Care Services donated these two manual wheelchairs.

For many, two wheelchairs might not seem like a big deal, but to the people whose lives will be transformed by them, they will be everything!

California Hospice & Palliative Care Association (CHAPCA)

2009 Annual Conference

Hyatt Hotel San Francisco, CA


Hospice care is a special way of caring for those seeking access to quality end-of-life care.

Maria Rodriguez, Juarez Mexico

Maria Rodriguez sends her grandfather Avelino Rodruguez, who lives in Juarez Mexico, a little money each month. Avelino is 94 years old and is unable to walk. He has been without a wheelchair for the past 3 years.



Charles Celebrates His Friends

June 15th marked the 26th anniversary of a life changing injury, in 1979, which rendered Charles Monson a quadriplegic.

Wheels of Mercy donates


To the Futuro Del Oro Relief Agency

All supplies were personally delivered by Maria Cazner & Collice Ward to the Ensenadas Women's Group in Mexico.

The Ensenadas Women's Group in Mexico is an agency dedicated to feeding the hungry, eliminating illiteracy and providing housing for the poor in a community outside Tijuana: