• Disability Awareness Training
  • Giving the Gift of Mobility
  • Volunteers Making it Happen

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Wheelchair Collection, Repair, and Distribution


  • We collect used wheelchairs all over the US
  • Ship them to our warehouse
  • Repair and refurbish them
  • Give them to people who need but cannot afford them



If you want to donate or are in need of a wheelchair or other medical equipment Click Here to contact us

Disabilities Awareness Training

Change negative perceptions, feelings of the unknown and fears that students, church groups, health care professionals, employers and employees may have in order to fully embrace those with disabilities:

  • Training at your location
  • Develop confidence inter-acting with the disabled
  • Reach this $1Trillion Market





  • Are you being denied doctor prescribed surgery, equipment, medication or other needed services by Medicaid?
  • Are you or someone you love being taken advantage of due to their disability?
  • Have you been denied access mandated by The Americans with Disabilities Act?





If you need someone to advocate on your behalf Click Here to contact us.